Sew Sexy: How to remove a cowl from a sweater


Though the before looks pretty - I can tell you that it did not lay so evenly when put on. I love the nautical stripes and thought that with a little help, this summer sweater (it is so soft!) would get a lot more milage if it lost the cowl. I'm … [Read More...]

Why driving traffic to your website should be part of your daily routine


Just because you have a website doesn't mean that traffic and business is going to pour in without any effort. It takes dedication every day to help drive traffic. . . Regular blog posts and social media updates, email newsletters, participation in … [Read More...]

Review: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Let's get one thing straight - I am not what you would consider a regular beer drinker. Though I am always up to try one on the recommendation of a friend or my husband. Usually I enjoy a very dirty martini or fruity drink that I created - and wine … [Read More...]

Facebook ‘like’ begging/baiting and why your brand shouldn’t do it


If you have a Facebook page for your business/brand. . . please don't "like" beg. Asking folks who already love and support you to help you get to an arbitrary number goal on a social media site is a waste of time. . . and it makes the people who … [Read More...]

Social Stalking: What anyone can do with 60 minutes and a cell phone

social media stalking

It is SO important to check your privacy settings and understand what social networks are connected and what you (and your friends and family) may be inadvertently broadcasting to the world. With social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare, … [Read More...]

7 ways to invest in yourself everyday for a happier life

I am by no means an expert in happiness. I do try pretty damn hard every day to learn how to find, create and share happiness though. . . and trust me, it's not always easy. I lose my temper, I make mistakes with my time and with who I chose to share … [Read More...]

Recipe : Pee Dee Orchard Peach Tea

Danielle Hatfield's Pee Dee Orchard Peach Tea Recipe

My husband and I love to shop at local farmers markets. What do I enjoy the most? First, I love meeting the farmers and vendors who show up. I have met some amazing folks and we continue to change our diets to support more locally sourced food and … [Read More...]

#HelloHappiness – Bold Idea but Bothersome Message


A friend of mine shared this story today on Facebook. It explains the #HelloHappiness campaign from Coca-cola. Take a minute to watch the video: "Because happiness is a coca-cola, and a phone call … [Read More...]

DIY: Jute Coasters using the Crochet Afghan Stitch

afghan stitch, tunisian stitch

Since I finished my last blanket a while back, I've been trying out new materials to crochet with besides yarn - this week it just so happens that I picked up jute.  It's normally reserved for tying off presents and party invitations but, ever since … [Read More...]

Dealing with Disappointment

I know it's only Tuesday Wednesday, but I've already had to deal with major disappointments this week. I won't lie. It sucks. I began to search for quotes that could more eloquently convey my emotions. Well, at least better than the four letter … [Read More...]

The History of Haint Blue

Haint Blue

If you've ever driven deep into Lowcountry - where the spanish moss practically drips off trees and sweet tea on the front porch is a past time, than you've probably seen a porch ceiling that was painted blue. Haint Blue. What's a haint you ask? … [Read More...]

How Your Cell Phone Can Kill You (and possibly those around you!)

social media stalking

I am beginning to believe that some of us have become willfully ignorant to the dangers our cell phones pose. It's use, at certain times, can kill you and everyone around you if you are not careful. Do you understand that driving while distracted by … [Read More...]

How to save your iPad from the loop of doom : A true story of patience and curse words

Have you ever had your iPad get stuck in the low battery/apple icon loop of doom? Not even enough juice to go into recovery mode? Yeah. That. Off and on since Saturday morning I have been searching for a way to get my iPad to snap out of … [Read More...]

From Goodwill Rock the Runway to Responsible Refashioning

See this dress and Nhi Tran's full winning 2014 collection here.

I was recently reading this post : Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? and the follow up: Did Nasa fund 'civilisation collapse' study, or not? on how our civilization, regardless of what nationality you are … [Read More...]

The Privacy Policy Perversion

I'm probably the only one who thinks a privacy policy is 'light reading over morning coffee' worthy. . . sigh. I came across this privacy policy thanks to my dear husband. He knows I like to better understand what PII (Personally Identifiable … [Read More...]