Recipe: 2 Ingredient Chocolate Crunch Bars

Danielle Hatfield's 2 ingredient chocolate crunch bars

Y'all know by now that I love to hack recipes for a few reasons. 1. because I'd like to think I can make them better and 2. I know I can make them cheaper. After my husband snuck in a few packages of Nestle Crunch bars into the shopping basket ...

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When should you fire a client?

be prepared

Do you own your own business?  Then you probably have wondered at some point in your life when should you fire a client? Tough question isn't it? It is for many who don't see the red flags and warnings that are often present and end up in unhealthy ...

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I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Rarely do I ever feel folks want, or are prepared for, the truth when they ask the question "How are you?" In person (but especially online) I have always been taught to say say "I'm fine, thank you! And you?" It's a great answer when you are ...

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