Swimming in Stress

If you own your own business you know how terribly unforgiving it can be. It's tough. It's scary. It's exciting. It's infuriating. It's rewarding. At times the stress can be overwhelming. . . especially when you try so hard to do, be and give ...

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Recipe: Two tomato salad


Since my kitchen is unavailable due to my "reclaim the space" movement. . . I felt like I needed to share a simple recipe that can be made window side in your living room. I have yet to have a meal come from my kitchen in over a week and my husband ...

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Beauty Box Gift Ideas

Birch Box

This morning my husband and I were having coffee and watching a video on youtube. Shocker right? Well, as the next video of food blogger YoYoMax12 began playing and said husband began shrieking *noooooo* and la la laing to himself to drown out the ...

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Forced to be on Facebook?


Are you on Facebook now because you have to be? Take a minute to really think about that question before answering. This question is what my husband and I discussed this morning over coffee. The discussion was raised after reading and sharing ...

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