Finding Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount NC on a map of the USA

I read a fantastic piece by Robert Draper for GQ Magazine​ on Rocky Mount, North Carolina​ this morning. I hate that it took me 5 years to finally come across it. Having never lived there myself, I happened across this NC city by chance over a ...

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The Death of the Solo Social Media Spokesperson?

be prepared

As I sit here this morning and process through the online maelstrom surrounding Jared Fogle, the grassroots social media/brand spokesperson from Subway, I see vicious comments and quips being posted at a dizzying rate...even from people that I ...

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Stop the inbox spam. Just. Fucking. Stop.


I know y'all are going to get sick of me bitching about inbox spam but DAMN. It's like the spam dam broke and all the smarmy sales pitches are flooding my inboxes. LinkedIn, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even my post office box. . . ...

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