Inheriting Alzheimer’s

Since childhood, I've known about the fact that inheriting alzheimer's could possibility be a reality for me. For nearly 30ish years I've pushed the knowledge that alzheimer's was rampant on my biological mother's side of the family out of my head as ...

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Should that be a status update or blog post?

blogging tips

WAIT! Before you hit send on that status update, I encourage you to carefully consider if it should be a blog post. *brace yourselves for some tough love* Yeah I know, you hate writing f*cking blog posts.Well - tough shit. "It takes too long." ...

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Review: Green Man Brewery ESB Special Amber Ale

Green Man ESB Speical Amber Ale

In the spirit of #NCBeerMonth I asked my husband (not a beer drinker, he's a bourbon man) to pick me up some NC beer from Bestway Grocery while he was out picking up lunch this past week. "But I'm not a beer person! Are you sure you want me to pick ...

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