Four Weeks


4 weeks ago today. . . "has it really been that long?" I asked my self as I measured out my coffee beans this morning. . . Yes. Tears welled up in my eyes and I let out a long sigh as the grinder whirred to life. It's been exactly  4 weeks … [Read More...]

Recipe: Peach Pepper Ice Cream


My husband and I picked up some Pee Dee Orchard peaches today from one of our local farmers markets. Y'all know that I'm a sucker for fresh peaches so I naturally wanted to try my hand at making *ice cream maker free* ice cream. This is my first … [Read More...]

My Writing Process Blog Tour Post

danielle hatfield coffee quote

Addison Ore over at Bookends blog tagged me in a writing process blog tour recently. I have never done one of these *tag you're it* kinda blog posts so be gentle. I hope you enjoy reading it and silently correcting my grammar and over use of ** … [Read More...]

DIY: Hand Painted French Garden Sign

Mon Petit Potager Hand Painted Sign

Since spring I've been spending as much time as I can outside reclaiming and shaping our back yard and transforming a small space under our kitchen window into the kitchen garden of my dreams . . . potager in French translates to 'garden providing … [Read More...]

Thrift Therapy: What the rhomboid?!


4 days ago I discovered what the rhomboid muscle was. . . The hard way. If you have ever pulled or torn this muscle then you understand the special kind of hell it is. I could not for the life of me figure out how I did it. Sure, I've been … [Read More...]

Review: LA Colors shimmering loose eyeshadow with brush

LA Colors shimmering loose eyeshadow with brush

Instead of writing brush in the title of this post I wanted to write broom. Seriously - it's like using a glittery straw broom on your eyelids. It is so painful in fact I recommend (for your own eye safety) not to use it at all. I'm still … [Read More...]

Sew Sexy: Goodwill #FrankenFashion Project, Pt 1

Goodwill Dress Refashion

I have jokingly called this my #frankenfashion project. Why? Well, partly because when I made my first cut to this dress it was during a thunderstorm and I happened to have some seriously crazy hair that night. It's not a very lady like hashtag - but … [Read More...]

7 Tips to Develop Great Blog Content

blogging tips

Over the years I have learned so much about the importance of having a plan when it comes to blog content. Learning How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Professional Blog goes a bit deeper than just clicking ‘publish’ whenever you want to sell … [Read More...]

Recipe: Crispy Onion Wedge Salad with Creamy Roasted Heirloom Tomato Dressing


Salads are often simple and (hopefully) healthy. Mine usually consist of what ever I can find on hand and occasionally I get really creative. (No, this is not one of those times.) Truth be told, I'm sharing this recipe to introduce you to this … [Read More...]

Sew Sexy: How to remove a cowl from a sweater


Though the before looks pretty - I can tell you that it did not lay so evenly when put on. I love the nautical stripes and thought that with a little help, this summer sweater (it is so soft!) would get a lot more milage if it lost the … [Read More...]

Why driving traffic to your website should be part of your daily routine

blogging tips

Just because you have a website doesn't mean that traffic and business is going to pour in without any effort. It takes dedication every day to help drive traffic. . . Regular blog posts and social media updates, email newsletters, participation in … [Read More...]

Review: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Let's get one thing straight - I am not what you would consider a regular beer drinker. Though I am always up to try one on the recommendation of a friend or my husband. Usually I enjoy a very dirty martini or fruity drink that I created - and wine … [Read More...]

Facebook ‘like’ begging/baiting and why your brand shouldn’t do it


If you have a Facebook page for your business/brand. . . please don't "like" beg. Asking folks who already love and support you to help you get to an arbitrary number goal on a social media site is a waste of time. . . and it makes the people who … [Read More...]

Social Stalking: What anyone can do with 60 minutes and a cell phone

social media stalking

It is SO important to check your privacy settings and understand what social networks are connected and what you (and your friends and family) may be inadvertently broadcasting to the world. With social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare, … [Read More...]