UPDATED >>> LinkedIn Loophole : Blocking Not an Option


UPDATE 2.24.14 

LinkedIn Now Lets You Block Other Users – Mashable

LinkedIn Announces Member Blocking – LinkedIn

Member Blocking – Overview


Now, I still think this needs a little lot of work, but *yay* It’s about damn time!


Note: At this time, you can’t block anonymous viewers of your profile.

Fellow group members can see all your contributions to those groups, so there is no capability to block these members from following you.

I wonder how many people have been harmed after asking for help and protection from stalkers only to be told “Newsflash, people: YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT.” Yes, someone actually said this. (see Victoria Ipri’s comment left on Feb 21 at 05:24 PM on this post.)


Before we begin . . . You may have read my rants online about how frustrating it is that you can’t block folks on LinkedIn. Why on earth would I ever want you ask? Read these articles. They may help you understand a bit better as to why having a blocking feature on LinkedIn is SO important.

Recently, I noticed that there was no feature to block people from commenting on my LinkedIn status updates without going on full lock down. Now I am not talking about my comments in a group, but my status updates. Yes, I have my settings set to public so that people I share groups with (“in my network”) can follow me – but does that mean I then have play comment nanny to my every update? After googling for help, hoping for a simple solution, that most every other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, offer when it comes to spammy commenters or trolls. I finally gave up and sent in my question to the big boys as LinkedIn to verify and got this as a response. . . You can (if you haven’t already) read the LinkedIn User Agreement that Tomas referred to. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. We, as users, should have the option to block people if we so choose. Having this option as a user allows us greater freedom to create the experience we want within the social netowork. We simply should not have to accept the added work of playing hall monitor on every LinkedIn status we post when a common feature like blocking would alleviate the added stress. This loop hole in LinkedIn leaves a wide berth to those who “comment bomb” those they follow publicly and share a group with but are not connected to. And ask yourself . . . Do you know who’s following you on LinkedIn? Thankfully you can easily create custom messages for only your connections using HootSuite. Now be warmed that this is only available for your desktop. So, if you have stalker issues or someone that is harassing you online – forget about posting to “connections only” using HootSuite app via your mobile device. For now. *fingers crossed this feature comes to mobile where I spend 90% of my posting time* On average, 65% of Time Spent on Social Networks Happens on Mobile. Is there a workaround? Yes. You can login to your HootSuite dashboard via your mobile browser or use the LinkedIn mobile app. Note: Thanks to @Greg_Savage for reminding me about this user issue and encouraging me to post about it. Take a minute to read his post that sparked the conversation : Are you a LinkedIn Liar? — POLL >> Do you think LinkedIn should offer you the option to block people you are not directly connected to from following you and commenting on your personal status updates?

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  • Arorts2

    We don’t need to report harassment since they haven’t done anything but to simply BLOCK someone in LinkedIN that’s obviously NOT a 1st level connection.!!

  • Arorts2

    It’s not that they don’t have that functionality. LinkedIn simply DOES NOT want you to do so or gives a s*it about having that option. Pretty lame!

  • Frustrated


    Any updates since you posted this 8 months ago? Here is a great reason we need this. My wife’s ex husband constantly stalks both of us in cyberspace. I can see where he views our profiles all the time on linked in. He was banned (by divorce decree) from contacting my wife or my current employer but we have both left and started new jobs since it was written. Now he threatens to call our current employers and tell them that we had “an affair” while we were both still married (we were both legally separated when we met). Even if our employers know it’s not true, it still hurts our reputation. Being in sales, blocking our profiles from being seen isn’t an option either. We have blocked him on all the other social media sites but Linked In is the gaping hole…

    P.S. Guys like him don’t care about violating the end user agreement. They’ll just create a new alias and pop right back up.

    • http://twitter.com/dhatfield danielle hatfield

      No updates that I know of sadly. Sorry to hear you and your wife have had such a terrible time with someone who obviously hasn’t moved on with their life. The only way LinkedIn will resolve this is if we users continue to demand it. I encourage you to contact them and let them know this is important to you as a user.

      Thanks for sharing!

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