DIY : Wine Cork Tile Backsplash


I love coming up with creative ways to recycle.

This project was made possible by years of saving special corks, friends and a few favorite restaurants.

This DIY is not terribly difficult but be warned that it is time consuming.

The majority of your time will be spent cutting the corks in half lengthwise with an X-Acto Extra Fine Saw Blade.

I am still working on this project, but you can see that the end result is a fun and eco friendly way to bring life into your kitchen back splash.

I could never have done this without my Gorilla Glue. (thanks guys!)

If you are renting, you can measure and cut particle board to create your own tiles and attach your cork backsplash to the wall in sections. This method allows you to take your handy work with you and depending on what you are adhering the cork tiles to you can easily pop them off if you glue them directly to the wall.

If you want, once your wine corks are glued and set, you can seal them with Thompson’s WaterSeal Gallon Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer or you can brush on Mop & Glo for a quick shine.


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